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Smoked Dry Rubbed Wings

The Best in Northern Michigan- served with one of our signature sauces on the side- Mango Habanero, Garlic Parmesan, Kickin' Bourbon, Sweet Chili, or Creamy Buffalo, Bleu Cheese or Ranch upon request.  Individual $ 11.99/ Sharable $17.99 Extra Sauce $1.25 cents

Boneless Wings

Crispy Baked all-natural white meat chicken breast chunks  with a choice of dipping sauce

(not the weird processed nugget meat you'll find at most places)

16pc $14.99 

8pc $8.99 

The Duncan City Garlic Cheese Breads

Garlic Herb Crust loaded with our Mozzarella Cheese Blend

Regular Cheese Bread 12" $9 or 14" $12  

Feisty Feta Cheese Bread 12" $10 or 14" $13

Pesto Cheese Bread 12" $10 or 14" $13

Spinach and Artichoke Sauce Cheese Bread 12" $10 or 14" $13

1 Dipping Sauce Included - typically Marinara or Ranch

Cauliflower Crust Cheese Bread 

14" $15.00

10" $9.00 

Oven Baked Italian Meatballs 

4 Italian Meatballs topped in our House made Pasta Sauce, Italian Cheese Blend and baked to bubbling perfection  $8.99

Garlic Parmesan Bites (Soon to be Famous!)

Crisp Golden Baked Bites tossed in Herb Butter and Parmesan Cheese- served with Ranch or Marinara for dipping  $7.99



Topped with Hearty Marinara or Italian Sausage Meat Sauce.   Cheese $9.99/ Meat $10.99

Italian Cheese Stuffed Shells 

Topped with your choice of Hearty Marinara or Spinach & Artichoke Cream Sauce $9.99

The Mac N Cheese

Creamy White Cheddar Mac N Cheese Plain or Topped!

Plain $8.99

House Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork, or Crispy Buffalo Chicken Breast  $10.99

Baked Cavatappi

Corkscrew pasta tossed with your choice of signature sauce! 

Italian sausage meat sauce $10.99

Florentine - Spinach, and Artichoke Sauce with Roasted Tomato $10.99

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo $10.99 

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Classic spaghetti pasta with our hearty marinara topped with two large

handmade 2oz meatballs.


Beverages & Sweet Treats

Ask about our selection of Sweet Treats and Ice Cream Novelties (Prices Vary)

Cinnamon Churros

A bakers dozen of churros- crispy cinnamon sugary outside - fluffy inside. 

Either Chocolate or Vanilla icing for dipping!  $7

Cinnamon Sugar Bites

Perfectly baked dough tossed in melted butter and a delightful amount of cinnamon and sugar! Served with Vanilla Icing for dipping! $7

Fountain Beverages

Coke- Diet Coke- Root Beer- Sprite- Orange- Mellow Yellow- Blue Powerade- Unsweetened Black Tea- Green Tea- Lemonade  $2

2 Liter Coke Products   $3.50

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